Small things breed big things at Senderos de Amor: New clothes. New underwear. Pride and self-care.

Today Reach Out Orphanage Ministries was blessed with the opportunity to provide much-needed clothing for the boys of Senderos de Amor.

Senderos de Amor is Spanish for “Paths of Love.”  This orphanage houses thirty-one residential boys, as well as nine boys with special needs who are under ROOM’s care.  Senderos de Amor is ROOM: Honduras’ newest orphanage partner.  We met Senderos’ young men, along with Senderos’ staff and leadership team, after Nueva Esperanza (San Pedro’s public orphanage) closed and the nine boys under ROOM’s care needed to move into a new facility.  Senderos de Amor welcomed our children and their caretakers with open arms.


Senderos de Amor (pictured right) is located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  It is home to forty boys who have been orphaned.

Cassie Murray, ROOM: Honduras’ Country Co-Director, visits Senderos regularly.  Cassie is passionate about empowering this children’s home.  Orphanage staff members do their best to stretch limited resources but, unfortunately, these boys have many unmet needs.

The boys do not have adequate clothing.  Some have pants that are as much as six inches too short.  Others have shirts and pants that are painfully too small.  Some wear clothes full of holes or rips.  Most have no underwear or socks.

“After spending some time there, I quickly realized that underwear and fitting clothing was a necessity for these boys.  They are responsible for their own laundry.  There is no washing machine, but they are remarkably responsible and capable of doing the hard work of hand-washing.  They take such pride in their home and, although it needs so much work, the boys are often seen raking the yard or sweeping the floors.  Their rooms are immaculately kept.  The general atmosphere is one of peace.” Cassie explains, “The boys take such care of what little they have.  This clothing is such a blessing.”


The ROOM:  Honduras team delivered new clothing and underwear for the boys of Senderos de Amor today.  The hardworking caretakers at Senderos will give these special new clothes to their children this week.  By allowing the orphanage leadership to hand out items to the children under their care, instead of directly giving these gifts ourselves, ROOM is empowering the caretakers and staff to meet their children’s needs.  By continuing to visit and build relationships at Senderos, ROOM provides accountability and ensures that the boys will receive and wear these needed items.

Small things breed big things.  Empowering caretakers to provide appropriate underwear and clothing for the thirty-one boys who call Senderos de Amor home shows these boys that they matter.  It instills a continued sense of pride and self-care for young men who are learning to take responsibility for themselves, but must still rely on adults to provide basic needs like clothing.

To learn more about how ROOM empowers children and communities, please visit:  To make a donation to support Orphanage Care projects like this one, visit, or mail a check to ROOM, P.O. Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.  Reach Out Orphanage Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.


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