Easter R.I.S.E. Campaign: Reaching Independence through Self Empowerment

Reach Out Orphanage Ministries’ Easter R.I.S.E. Campaign is supporting children and communities as they work to Reach Independence through Self Empowerment.

RISE Campaign_Logo

This Easter season R.O.O.M. is giving JESUS instead of bunnies, NUTRITION instead of sweets and LOVE instead of eggs.

What sets Reach Out Orphanage Ministries apart from other orphan care nonprofits is this:  R.O.O.M. aims to work ourselves out of a job.  Our deepest desire is to see every child grow up in a loving, stable family home environment.  We do this through orphan prevention, orphanage support and orphan solution projects.

R.O.O.M.’s orphan prevention programs empower parents to care for their children through parent education, health interventions, nutrition assistance and early childhood education.  This is accomplished through our Bethel Daycare Program in Orissa, India.

R.O.O.M.’s Orphanage Care Programs in Honduras and India provide orphanage support by empowering partner orphanages to become clean, healthy and filled with God’s word.  We empower orphanages to become clean by replacing outdated appliances, providing new bedding and providing other essentials.  We empower orphanages to become healthy by providing safe drinking water, fresh fruit and vegetables, vitamins, personal hygiene items, education and routine health and dental services.  We empower orphanages to become filled with God’s word by providing Gospel materials; specifically age-appropriate, culturally-appropriate Bibles and devotions.

R.O.O.M. provides solutions in orphan care through our Scarlet Project in Honduras.  The Scarlet Project provides foster family and Transition Home placements for abandoned and orphaned children, as well as emergency health interventions for children who are sick or malnourished.

RISE Campaign_Honduras and India

Through these prevention, support and solution projects R.O.O.M. is empowering families and communities through the love of Christ to move beyond cycles of poverty and child abandonment toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Will you support Reach Out Orphanage Ministries this Easter season with a financial gift?  Any amount will share the love of Christ with children and communities served by R.O.O.M.

  • $5 can provide a monthly fruit, vitamin or vegetable supplement for one child.
  • $15 can provide a school uniform and basic school supplies, enabling a child to receive the education needed to break the poverty cycle.
  • $50 can provide diapers, formula and wipes for an abandoned infant living in a R.O.O.M. Transition Home.
  • $500 can provide toiletries and routine health screenings for 200 children living in an orphanage.
  • $5,000 can provide a new well for safe drinking water AND a physical safety wall around an orphanage.

To learn more about R.O.O.M.’s Easter R.I.S.E. Campaign, and to make a donation to empower families and communities to move beyond cycles of poverty and child abandonment toward independence and self-sufficiency, please visit: http://www.razoo.com/story/Easter-R-I-S-E-Campaign-Reach-Independence-Through-Self-Empowerment

Donations can be made online through the link above, or by mailing a check to R.O.O.M., P.O. Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.  Reach Out Orphanage Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

For more information about Reach Out Orphanage Ministries please visit:  www.makeroom.org Or contact Amanda Stafford at Amanda.Stafford@makeroom.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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