The Murray Family: Missionaries in Motion

Kyle and Cassie Murray, along with their four children: Harper, Calvary, Oliver Jack and Finley, are taking on the new role of “Missionaries in Motion” with Reach Out Orphanage Ministries.

The Murray family answered God’s call to serve as ROOM Missionaries in Costa Rica.  In this role, the Murrays began building relationships with four new orphanage partners and one orphan prevention partner ministry around the community of San Agustin, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.  After three months in Costa Rica, Kyle and Cassie were needed in ROOM: Honduras.  They answered God’s call to serve as Transition Home Directors, which meant opening up their family home to abandoned infants awaiting adoption or foster family placement.  In this role nine children lived in their home: Jesús, Alexander, Judah, Anthony, Briana, Yamilet, Mili, Samuel and Genesis.  Some stayed as little as one night, while one (baby Alexander, known lovingly as “Papa”) lived in their home for the Murrays’ entire time in Honduras.


In addition to their passion for foster care, the Murrays are passionate about orphan prevention and empowering biological parents to care for their own children.  Kyle and Cassie welcomed a low-income, single mother of two daughters (one who is under two years old, and another who has profound special needs) into their home.  Thanks to the Murrays’ provision of safe shelter, food and child care support, this mother was able to support one of her daughters through a critical medical procedure.  The Murrays also housed three live-in, long-term volunteers, Kaitlyn, Kacey and Bekah.  A few months ago (February, 2015), ROOM: Honduras’ leadership team made the decision to leave ROOM to form a new ministry.  So, honoring their calling to “look after orphans… in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27), Kyle and Cassie said “yes” to the interim role of Honduras Country Co-Directors.  In addition to running their Transition Home, Kyle and Cassie took on new responsibilities of supervising staff and missionaries, overseeing programs and managing in-country finances.

The Murrays did not simply carry out these tasks because they needed to be done.  Kyle and Cassie made the choice to “serve wholeheartedly, as if serving the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7).

Kyle and Cassie were asked to provide supervision and management for staff and missionaries.  Instead, they opened up their home and their hearts to build a strong community of partner missionaries in their neighborhood.  Every evening it was typical to find four or five people who did not live in the Murray’s home (missionaries, staff members, friends, neighbors, adults and children of all ages) laughing and chatting in the kitchen with Kyle and Cassie all working to prepare a big dinner together.

“Cassie and Kyle built the kind of home environment that is a refuge.  Their home is a place where you can go for a good meal and laughter, but also guidance and support.  Walking into the Murrays’ meant leaving all the day’s challenges at the door.  I immediately felt encouraged and supported.  I felt like I was home,” says Kacey Bolin, ROOM missionary and full-time, single foster mother for Jesus, a six-year-old boy who has special needs.

Kyle and Cassie were asked to oversee ROOM’s two Honduras programs, Orphanage Care and The Scarlet Project.  Instead, Kyle and Cassie passionately worked in these programs with their whole hearts.  They visited ROOM’s partner orphanages personally to learn children’s names and stories.  They advocated for these children.  They welcomed these children into their home as foster children.  Cassie spent countless nights at the public hospital in San Pedro with one of the sickest children ROOM has ever cared for (a toddler named Anthony who was diagnosed with Leukemia).  Hospital policy dictated that for Anthony to receive a blood transfusion, someone else must donate blood; so Cassie rolled up her sleeves.  In fact, this special child in her care needed so many transfusions, Cassie maxed out the allowable amount of blood donations more than once.  Cassie literally gave her own blood for an orphaned child in her care, while staying by his side, day and all night, as he received cancer treatments at a public hospital in a community known as the “murder capital of the world.”

Kyle and Cassie were asked to provide financial management for ROOM:  Honduras.  Instead, Kyle used his professional business experience to bring new methods of financial accountability and transparency to ROOM’s ministry in Honduras.  “Kyle’s professionalism with financial management and budgeting not only saved administrative time and energy; it saved Reach Out Orphanage Ministries hundreds… maybe even thousands… of dollars.  Kyle and Cassie’s commitment to financial planning and smart spending has allowed ROOM to provide more services to more children than ever before, while staying within our tight budget and honoring the wishes of our generous donors,” says Amanda Stafford, ROOM’s Interim Executive Director, who ultimately manages ROOM’s finances and fundraising efforts.

Kyle and Cassie have now officially returned to the United States.

Kyle and Cassie Murray will continue to serve Reach Out Orphanage Ministries as Honduras Country Co-Directors.  Although they will not be living in Honduras full-time, the Murrays will continue to supervise staff, oversee programs and provide financial management for ROOM Honduras.  They will also begin taking on new responsibilities with ROOM’s ministry, including:  Coordinating and leading short-term missions teams, speaking with churches and community groups about orphan care and supporting fundraising efforts in the United States to funnel more money and resources to the children who need it.  Cassie and/ or Kyle will be coming back every other month for the next year to fulfill all these responsibilities.

In the United States, Kyle has accepted a ministry job at Relevant Church in Clover, South Carolina.  Cassie will be homeschooling their four children and plans to volunteer at a local agency providing assistance and support through unplanned pregnancies.  They will support their family through Kyle’s employment, and will continue working with ROOM as Interim Honduras Country Co-Directors.  Although they will no longer be relying on missionary support donations to fund all of their family’s living expenses, the Murrays are still very much missionaries and will need the continued support of donors to carry out the ongoing work of “empowering children and communities in the love of Christ through orphan prevention, orphanage support and orphan care solutions.”

How you can support Kyle, Cassie, Harper, Calvary, Oliver Jack and Finley Murray

The Murray family needs the following:

  • $2,500 to close their time as in-country missionaries. The Murrays’ goal was to “serve God in Honduras until we run out of money” and they have, quite literally, fulfilled that goal.  They are short $2,500.00 to pay their final bills and expenses accrued as missionaries in Honduras through April, 2015.
  • $800 monthly to serve ROOM as missionaries in motion, for a total of $6,400 more needed this year (2015) and $9,600 total needed to fulfill their entire one-year commitment with ROOM. The Murrays are hopeful to achieve this through:  1) recurrent donors continuing their monthly support, 2) new donors pledging to give monthly or 3) special, one-time gifts of support

You can make a donation to support the Murrays by visiting or by mailing a check to Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, P.O. Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.  Be sure to indicate “Murray Family” in the memo field of your gift.

To learn more about the Murray family and to follow their story, please visit

We are truly thankful for your prayers and support!


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