This is us.

Over the next several weeks, ROOM’s blog will server as a mouthpiece for our amazing missionaries, staff, and board. So this week I asked ROOM’s missionaries and staff to provide a picture and a caption that best describes their life and ministry lately.  The results are no surprise to me, as I know and love each one of these amazing people!

Johana Doblado is our Scarlet Project Director in Honduras.  She is a missionary in her own country and brings such a beautiful mix of professionalism and heart.  Johana’s “job” has included everything from working with the government to sign and place foster families to spending countless days and nights in the hospital bedside for any child that needs her.

photo 2
“Our kids are loved no matter where they go, and Papa has first hand knowledge of this now. He is now loved greatly by an entire village in Sta. Barbara! His visit ended with a 20 min nap after being the life of the party for an entire day!” ~Johana Doblado

Ali  is our country director for India.  Ali is not afraid to jump in wherever she is needed and is completely unintimidated by anything.  She is quick to get her hands dirty as well as quick to soften the hardest of hearts with her sincere kindness.

photo 3 (1)
“This month we were so thankful to spend time in Honduras with our ROOM family loving on others and encouraging one another! We love the way that God unites His body together for His purpose and are excited for the ways He is using ROOM and others to share His hope and love with children around the world!” ~ Ali 

Kaylie Kuhn is a long-term missionary in Honduras.  Kaylie, at 20 years old, is our veteran missionary on the field.  Her heart was captured by Honduras when she was just 17 years old and her commitment to this country is evident in her knowledge of the orphanages and children.  Rarely do we meet a child that Kaylie does not know.  Kaylie served as Lizzie’s one-on-one caretaker for 18 months and has helped transition Lizzi back into the care of her biological family over the past 6 months.  Kaylie’s picture submission shows just how much the calling of being a missionary is such a family affair.

photo 3
“I’m excited to have my mom, sister, and friend all here for Lizzi’s 2nd birthday! The happiness they get from seeing each other is just so great. I am so glad my mom can play such a big role in her life. It doesn’t even phase them that they only get to see each other once every 2 months; they love each other like they see each other every day!” ~Kaylie Kuhn

When I asked Wendy Boyle, our transition home mom, for a picture she couldn’t help but to provide 3.  She is such a proud mom and loves all the children in her care so fully that asking for just one picture is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child!

photo 4
“I LOVED seeing Josue meet his brother Nelson, and his foster mom and sister, after months of praying for them to be able to do so!” ~Wendy Boyle
photo 5
A birthday celebration + a foster dad = joyful baby

photo 1 (1)
“If [this photo] doesn’t say ‘foster love’ well… I don’t know what does!” ~Wendy Boyle
Kyle, Cassie, and the Murray kids are back Stateside adjusting to new culture, new responsibilities, and new views on life.  Kyle and Cassie are maintaining their roles as interim country directors and spend their days advocating for ROOM stateside and managing missionaries and staff in Honduras.

“Our life right now is a a balance between reconnecting with each other, our family we have missed while away, and missing our family God blessed us with in Honduras. It is a bittersweet time for us; investing in our children who have so patiently waited while our hands have been so full is a beautiful gift, but a huge part of our hearts remains in Honduras. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to advocate for ROOM in the States!”

Bekah Holten, our long term volunteer, has been an invaluable addition to our ROOM family in Honduras.  She has happily and diligently plugged in wherever she has been needed!

“A huge part of ROOM’s mission is orphanage care and I had the opportunity of helping an orphanage in need the past month. Such Is The Kingdom Ministries is an all-girls home of 40 girls ages 1-19 that have been abandoned by their parents or their parents are no longer capable of caring for them. They needed an English teacher to prepare the 10 pre-K kids for the new bilingual school in the community. I have helped teach these ten beautiful girls the basics of English to strengthen their chances of getting into the bilingual school which would provide them with a better education. I also have helped around the “farm” in many ways, especially using my design skills to create informative movies and invitations for their 20-year reunion in July. It has been an incredible opportunity and the relationships I have been able to create have been so rewarding. I look forward to providing leadership at the orphanage for the month of August as the “mom” heads back to the US for a bit (prayers are greatly appreciated!)” ~Bekah Holten

Joey, Kellie, and Connor Weed will be moving to Honduras to fill necessary roles as part of our team in-country.  This month they officially sold their house and moved in with Kellie’s parents to focus full time on fundraising for their upcoming departure!  We are so grateful to have them join our team!

photo 2 (1)
Full boxes and empty frames best describe ROOM’s newest missionaries, Joey and Kellie Weed’s life right now!

Amanda Stafford is our Interim Executive Director.  She spends her days on administration, financial management and fundraising.  Amanda describes her work as “all the boring details that allow ROOM’s front-line staff and missionaries to do the important work of empowering children and communities through orphan care initiatives.

” My work with ROOM looks like this: A mountain of paperwork fueled by God’s word and a whole lot of coffee.”
~Amanda Stafford

Kacey Bolin is a ROOM missionary and foster mom to Jesús.  She is wise, discerning, prayerful, and unafraid to use her voice to defend those who cannot defend themselves. In addition to her role as foster mom, she has also taken on leadership roles within Honduras’ team.

photo 1
“Jesús loved our trip to the beach. He found so much joy in discovering and trying new things everyday. The past two weeks my mom has been here visiting us, and it seems every moment we marvel at the miracle the Lord has done in the life of Jesús. He isn’t the same boy that came into my life 11 months ago. This photo shows such a beautiful glimpse into who Jesús has become: a joyful child of God.” ~Kacey Bolin

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