Exquisite, beautiful, full of splendor, evangelist~ by Ali

This week’s ROOM contributor is India’s Country Coordinator, Ali .  Ali has lived in India and it was during that time that the relationship between ROOM and Bethel Ministries began to grow. Now, back in the States, Ali is continuing to advocate for the needs of the beautiful children of India as well as working diligently to allow ROOM to come alongside Bethel Ministries in their work to  make sure that those children have all that they need. We are so grateful for you, Ali!

Susama Sipka is the co-founder of Bethel Ministries in Orissa, India.  She has been caring for and empowering children for over 17 years.

The meaning of the name Susama: Exquisite, beautiful, full of splendor, evangelist

In my opinion, there has never been a more fitting name for someone.  Susama Sipka is the most gentle, kind, beautiful and courageous woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Over the past 17 years, she has personally provided care and love to hundreds of children in her home. She invited them in, even when all she had to give was love alone.   She has sacrificed all she has: her time, energy, resources, prayers, thoughts, talents, desires, and much more to love those around her in a way that points them to the hope, comfort, and new life we find in the arms of our Father.

When I first arrived at Susama’s home (Bethel Children’s Home/ Bethel Ministries) almost two years ago, I was a wreck.  I had been traveling around India for three weeks and I was overwhelmed and broken by the staggering need around me.  As a foreigner and stranger in her home, Susama easily could have just let me be. She didn’t have to be so patient with me. She didn’t have to listen so well.  She didn’t have to take the time to ask me how I was, or to ask me to share my heart with her.  She didn’t have to study the Bible with me, pray over me and with me.  She didn’t have to share her home, insight, and time with me; but she did. I watched Susama not only shower this extreme kindness, grace, and patience on me; but on every single person who comes into her home (which is hundreds of people each day).

Susama encouraged me to become, and modeled how to become, a woman of noble character, a loving wife, a prayerful mother, and a gracious friend.

I believe that Susama embodies these characteristics.  I believe God has entrusted so many people in her care because of her relationship with Him. Every morning, she wakes up before the sun, spending hours with our Father, reading His word and meditating on it before putting it into action.  Everyday she focuses first on the Lord, making sure everything she does is through His Spirit and that everything would point others to Him.

I am so honored and humbled that God has chosen for Reach Out Orphanage Ministries to walk alongside this beautiful woman and help empower her to continue in the ministry of loving others that God has so clearly called her (and all of us)!

Susama Sipka works side-by-side with her husband, Pastor Prabin Spika.  They founded Bethel Ministries together to “transform communities through education and the Gospel.”  They have stood firm in God’s ministerial calling in an impoverished community with a history of Christian persecution.  Since 2013 ROOM has partnered with Bethel to provide:  Blankets, bed sheets, mattresses and pillows; School clothing and educational materials; Playground equipment; Girls’ and boys’ restrooms and washrooms; Weekly fruit and protein nutrition subsidies; And, basic health and hygiene products every month.  ROOM and Bethel also work together to provide orphan prevention initiatives in Tikerapada, a nearby slum community, including free daycare services, nutrition subsidies, heath care interventions, and parent education classes.

To learn more about Bethel Ministries, please watch the following video:


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