the warrior has risen~ by Kacey Bolin

This week’s ROOM contributor is Kacey Bolin. Currently, Kacey is serving as a missionary in Honduras fulfilling many vital roles for ROOMs day-to-day responsibilities. Her main focus is her role as full-time foster mom to Jesús, a fighter of a 7 year old boy. 

Upon meeting Jesús, I was delivered into the trenches of a battlefield. The life of this little was the object of a great war. Seemingly alone with a fierce battle before me, I chose to fight for the life of this little one. A little one who appeared to have already given up. Joining this team I was aware that I would very well end this battle defeated and heartbroken; because when the one you are fighting for has given up, it is hard to imagine you will be making a comeback.

photo 2 (11)

Those moments are etched on the sacred places of my heart. The tears I cried still sting my cheeks today as I reflect on the moments when I told the Lord, “if it is your will to have him with you now, take him.” I, however, also recall my prayers that said, “Lord, until that moment comes, I will fight for him. That’s who I am; you placed me here and you know who I am.”  God knows if anyone wants to see the fighter in me they better place me in the middle of a battle worth 2 (10)

So with the odds against us and the God of miracles at work, I fought. One month later Jesús was released from the hospital and the battle for his life was won. Until just weeks ago I believed that was the battle. The rest was simply recovery. However, I learned that was just the beginning. We were only going deeper from there as we began fighting a battle for his 1 (12)

For a year I have believed in him, and until recently, between the two of us, it has only been me, standing on my soapbox with my mega phone pointed to his ear screaming, “You can do this! Please believe me! You can do this, I promise.” Of course, my approach has been slightly less dramatic and more along the lines of practical practice. However, the feeling is the same. I have been pushing, begging and pleading with a boy who didn’t believe. I fought for him to believe he could live, I have fought for him to believe in love, in a life worth living and I fought for him to believe he could overcome. I have fought and fought, I have been driven to tears, to anger and the feet of our savior. I wrote many months ago,  “At some point I won’t be able to do this any longer. I can’t be the only one believing forever, and I need him to choose to believe for himself.”

That day came just a few weeks ago. As I watched him stand there, contentedly. “Look at him,” was all I heard and that’s when the tears came and reality set in.

He believes.

And everything changed: the imagery of a battle field may seem to be simply that, imagery to better describe the story I relate. But for me this is no literary painting: the battlefield has been my reality and the battle, a worthy fight.

Between my daily warrior duties and fighting off fear’s relentless attempts to overcome, my eyes were drawn to the horizon. In the distance I saw a warrior rise. I saw one who was once fallen rise, and as he rose everything changed. No longer was I fighting alone, but with him standing there with me, we became a vast army. Just the two of us, with the God of miracles on our side.

After all this time, the warrior boy rose.

I called him a warrior boy as soon as I saw the fight before us and I saw it there in the depths of his distant eyes. Today though, the warrior has risen. He chose to embrace the warrior deep inside. He rose, and confidently we stand, a warrior boy, warrior girl and the God of miracles.

No longer do I wake up saying you can do this, but I am greeted with an, “I’ve got this” attitude. I am no longer saying, “come on, just try it, you can do it,” but I am living life joyfully on my toes often saying, “Hold on mister! Careful! You aren’t walking yet!” and my favorite (not) “Your face is about to collide with our tile floor!”

The warrior!
The warrior!

I claimed it over him, as we battled for his life, I told him he was a warrior boy, and I prayed that he would know the truth of who he is. One year later tears again sting my cheeks, tears of joy and thankfulness as I taste the sweetness of a longing fulfilled.


"Warrior Boy" swords
“Warrior Boy” swords

The rising of Jesús, the warrior boy is something we want to celebrate with each of you. We want you to join us, as warriors. There is a warrior deep inside each of us. As way to support the warrior boy who has risen in Jesús we want to offer these warrior boy swords to you. By making a suggested donation of $20.00 to our support account you will not only be financially supporting Jesús and I but we will make you a personalized wooden warrior boy sword. After making the donation, send me an email ( with the name or saying such as “warrior boy” or “warrior girl” that you want on your sword and we will start working on it!

These swords are great for toys for kids but are also a tangible way for you know you are a part of this army, you are a part of seeing this warrior boy rise and continue the fight. Your financial support allows me to be here in Honduras, raising this fierce warrior boy. Your prayers fill me with the encouragement and the wisdom I need to fulfill this call.

As for Jesús and I, we will be hanging our swords by our beds, so that every morning when we rise, we will be reminded of the warrior that lives inside of us, and that together with the God of miracles we can face and overcome any battle that comes our way.

You can read more about Kacey on her blog Seeking the Face of My Father

Please consider making a donation to Kacey’s Razoo Page


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