A Season of New ~ Joey Weed

This week’s contributor is Joey Weed, one of the newest missionaries to join our ROOM Honduras family. We are so thankful for the significant impacts the Weed family is making to our Orphanage Care programs, the respite care they are providing to our missionaries and Transition Homes, and the work they are doing to help develop our orphan prevention program in Honduras.  To read more from the Weed family, check out Kellie’s previous post here or visit their blog here.
A new year brings on new territory for most. New commitments, new schedules, new diets, etc… For us, it’s continuing with all the new things we have already been experiencing. Some are good, some bad, some tough, some easy, but most definitely, all are necessary. It’s not always easy when God is shaping and molding your heart. It’s painful at times. It’s not always easy to walk through moments of life that tend to knock you down before you even see them coming. It’s not always easy to completely surrender your all to Him day after day. There are times when you just want to sit back and feel sorry for yourself. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in all the things that aren’t going your way and to throw a pity party. But sitting back isn’t going to be an option. For us there will be no retreats, no quitting, no giving in to the enemy’s lies that seem to nag at us and try to tear us apart. We’re in this for long haul and we will be victorious (Deuteronomy 20:4)!
The past two months have been bittersweet in many different ways. There have been many goodbyes, many tears (good and bad), new friendships, new obstacles and new feelings. God never once told us that this journey would be easy. In fact, He told us just the opposite (John 16:33). When we said “yes” to serving as ROOM Missionaries in Honduras, we knew that we would face tough times. We just didn’t know that the tough times would be so cleverly disguised by the enemy. However, through it all, not once have we felt alone. There hasn’t been one moment where we didn’t feel the presence of our Almighty God with us. He’s been our Rock, our Shelter and our Comfort in a whole new way. He’s used other amazing missionaries
to lift us up and IMG_7142remind us of who we are in Him. They encourage us by reassuring us we are not alone. We are a team. We are an army of One. God is “Our Banner Over Us” and not only is He protecting us, He’s going before and He’s fighting for us! I think we felt this most throughout the week of Christmas. For all four of us (myself, Kellie, Connor and Erin) this was the first time away from family and friends for the holidays. Of course we had the privilege to say “hello” to everyone thanks to technology, but being with them versus talking with them are totally different. It wasn’t easy at first. I noticed that certain traditions weren’t taking place… plus, the weather was super hot. The enemy tried to creep in and tell us we were alone and it became tough for us. But once we realized the beauty of being with our new family here in Honduras, a whole new comfort settled in our hearts.
I guess it’s easy to say that I’m out of my comfort zone just a bit. Not speaking fluent Spanish IMG_5819(we’re working hard to learn), not really knowing our way around everywhere, visiting orphanages each week, not having the comfort of things that we’ve known our whole lives and having babies in our home on a daily basis isn’t exactly what I would have planned for myself years ago. It’s not the eight-to-five job, the house with the big yard, the two-car-garage and fat checking account that I had dreamed about. However, two months in, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s not even about what I have to offer these children. It’s about what they have to offer me.

They accept me even though I am different than they are. I can’t communicate with them well; I don’t like the same sports; I don’t eat the same foods, or even wear the same clothes. I don’t know what it’s like to live in poverty or to grow up without a mom and a dad. In every way imaginable, we’re different, but they still accept the “weird gringos” because their hearts are good. Because of this, I’m forced to examine my own heart to see if I’m just as accepting as they are. Is my heart in line with the Word of God as it should be? Am I here for the right reason? If so, do my actions reflect this? Do I preach God’s Word with my life and not just my words?

One thought on “A Season of New ~ Joey Weed

  1. […] Today’s blog article comes from Reach Out Orphanage Ministries’ Missionary Joey Weed.  Joey serves on the mission field in San Pedro Sula, Honduras along with his wife, Kellie, and their son Connor.  Joey is passionate about building relationships with children living in orphanages and about empowering local churches to take an active role in orphan prevention by serving families at-risk for abandoning their children due to poverty.  He is also passionate about creating opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful ministry through short-term missions.  You heard from Joey in Giving Thanks In ~Joey Weed and A Season of New ~ Joey Weed. […]


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