A Picture Paints a Thousand Works ~ Kaylie Kuhn

This week’s ROOM contributor is Kaylie Kuhn. Kaylie has quickly become the voice of the heart of so many missionaries after her last post Things Missionaries Won’t Tell You.  Once again, Kaylie has found a way to bring to light the many layers of complex relationships that come together to make the moments that come across a screen possible. I pray that as this post is read, each giver (whether that gift be time, money, or a specific skill set) reflects on how their gift is brush stroke in that picture!  

photo 2 (8)

As anybody knows, pictures are incredibly powerful. People are much more likely to stop and look at a picture than read a paragraph. Pictures catch attention, move hearts, inspire, and write a story all on their own. One of ROOM’s biggest fundraising tools is pictures, with their ability to show the fruits of our labor in ways words could never quite describe. However, pictures also have their limitations. What I’d like to talk about today are the works that go behind every single picture, and how many different non-profits, Christian business owners, and missionaries work together in order to show you that cute picture of a smiling kid.

There are hundreds of orphanages and non-profits in Honduras. They all have different missions and visions, but we all share one thing in common: to show God’s love to the people of Honduras. Through our commonality we are able to unite and share advice and resources. An organization that works with street kids could help out an orphanage who just received a child who used to live on the streets, just as medical mission teams can team up with organizations who work in the slums. The possibilities and combinations are endless, and powerful.

ROOM has been blessed by many of these organizations and medical teams. Operation Blessings has provided us with strollers and play pens for our transition home children. The Children’s Cancer Foundation gave one of our transition home children chemotherapy at a near-free cost. Friends of Barnabas gave sweet Deysi, the baby girl living in our Abba Padre Transition Home, a life-changing heart surgery.

But those connections don’t just happen between organizations and missionaries, it happens between simple business owners and organizations as well. We have been blessed by random acts of kindness through many businesses. The Abba Padre Transition Home has been blessed by a store that sells baby and children’s items, gifting many necessities needed to properly take care of their many babies. A cafeteria owner gifted ROOM a special Christmas lunch for the Tia’s of Buen Samaritano at a discounted price. Many pediatricians and doctors have given us free and discounted care for both our missionaries and our foster children.

ROOM’s roots are planted in networking and connecting with others. With every picture we deliver to you, a thousand works of all different people and organizations go behind it. Next time you see a picture of a child smiling or food being delivered, thank God for all the people that have put works into that child, home, or program. Take time to look into the partners we mention in the caption, and find out how you can pray for them or support them.

Thank you to every organization, missionary, and business owner that has helped us over the years and chosen to connect with us. Without the aid of all of you, ROOM could never prosper as much as it has. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but we say it paints a thousand works. Thank you Jesus for all the people you choose to unite in order to do your works on earth as it is in heaven.

Please consider contributing to Kaylie Kuhn’s continued work in Honduras by visiting her razoo link or by sending a check to Reach Out Orphanage Ministries PO Box 5882 Concord, NC 28027 indicating Kaylie Kuhn in the memo line. 


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