Four Lessons I Have Learned From a Growing Vision~Kacey Bolin

This week’s contributor is Kacey Bolin.  Currently, Kacey is serving as a missionary in Honduras fulfilling many vital roles for ROOM’s day-to-day responsibilities as an Administrative Assistant to our Country Directors.  Her main focus is her role as a full time foster mom to Jesús, a fighter of a 7 year old boy.  Her post this week tackles the challenge of learning how to walk in the vision the Lord sets before us. 

A year-and-a-half ago, Kacey planned a short visit to Honduras.  During this visit, a dying boy fighting malnutrition, profound mental and physical disabilities and years of neglect was placed in Kacey’s arms.  In her heart, God placed a “growing vision” of His will for Jesús and the role Kacey would play in His plan.

Over the last eighteen months, the Lord has begun to unravel this plan for Kacey and Jesús’ family.  Walking through her calling, Kacey has learned a great deal about responding to a vision from the Lord.  She shares her unique perspective and wisdom below.

First things First…

  1. The vision really hasn’t grown- you’re just seeing more of it.

When I decided to follow Jesus I committed myself to His vision, His desires, and His heart. As Christians we are living for Christ’s vision. We could never fully grasp the enormity of this vision. We are committed to a vision of the Divine; it is beyond our scope of understanding. When God reveals more of His vision for us it feels like the vision has grown. However, we are just seeing more of it. God gives us bits and pieces along the way. I’m thankful for that; honestly, if he had given me all of what I see now on day one I don’t think I would have jumped in so quickly. It is important to remember whose vision this really is, especially when God reveals more to us. It is His vision, His way, His plan, His strength, just our yes.


When you start to see more:

  1. Keep it between you and God for a bit.

This has been a difficult lesson for me to learn. Recently, God has shown me new depths to the vision He has for my life. As soon as I really grasped what He was asking of me all I wanted to do was talk to someone and get their thoughts. But it was not the time for that. I had not yet committed to the vision. I had not yet accepted and embraced it. I was overwhelmed, a little scared, and nearly convinced everyone would think I was crazy. The last thing I needed to do in that moment was go to someone other than God. It’s like when a couple has to make a decision. The discussion time for a husband and wife is essential for making a decision together; pulling outside opinions into a personal decision would be detrimental and possibly sway them from making the correct decision for themselves. Allow yourself to have that discussion time with God. Let Him be the one that convinces you it is possible. Let Him be the one you bring your doubts and questions to.

This is essential, because the vision is His, you are His, and saying yes to Him is what matters.I needed this time because the vision seemed too big. I needed this time because I was unsure of my capabilities. This time has been invaluable to me because the deciding factor in my “yes” to this vision has been God, not any encouragement, criticism, or thoughts of man. When the vision gets bigger it must be set on a solid foundation; it is an essential place to begin. From there I have been able to begin sharing the vision without being swayed by the thoughts (good or bad) of those closest to me.


The advice we all love to hear (not):

  1. Wait.

Seeing the vision grow does not always mean it starts today. Take a breath and wait.

Sometimes God will show you more of the vision and He will put a strong conviction in your heart that it starts now. More often than not though He will ask you to wait on Him. This is a struggle to say the least. I am in the waiting stage. There are few times in my walk with the Lord that he has given me vision and asked me to wait. This is not the norm for me; I am used to leaping without looking, diving head first into the whispers of His will. Not this time. This time I wait, I pray this vision forth, and I prepare for the day we leap.


  1. Make it sustainable.

Surprisingly enough, the vision grows but the number of hours in a day do not. Sleeping less is not a viable option. Consider how a ‘bigger vision’ sits in your ‘same size day’ is a healthy thing to do; it is respectful and considerate. Going back to the first lesson, we must remember the vision is not yours, it is of the Divine. Just like parents prepare for their families to grow, this vision is a precious gift from God that deserves the utmost consideration. Make room for this vision in your life. Prepare for it, catch up on sleep, adjust your routine and be ready for the moment it arrives.


These are just four of the many lessons I have been learning during this season of growing vision. God has challenged me to look to Him, His promises, and His heart. I hope by sharing these with you, you will be encouraged to continue to accept the new facets of the vision God has for you. It is a humbling experience to carry the vision of the Divine; together we can do it with excellence.


You can read more about Kacey on her blog Seeking the Face of My Father

Please consider making a donation to Kacey’s Razoo Page



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