ROOM’s Wonder Women: Johanna Doblado and Brittany Bethel

Instead of a traditional blog post this week, we want to translate and share a publication from the San Pedro Sula, Honduras Rotary Club.

Two of ROOM’s leaders have been named among “the most successful and inspiring women” by Rotary International.  Everyone at our agency is overflowing with pride.  We are honored to have these women on our team, and thankful to the San Pedro Rotary Club for spotlighting their influence, which often goes unnoticed.

Johanna Doblado has been with ROOM Honduras since 2014.  She is our Scarlet Project Director, managing foster families and Transition Homes and overseeing medical and therapeutic treatments for abandoned children in ROOM’s care.

Brittany Bethel has been a member of ROOM’s Board of Directors since 2013.  She currently serves as our Board Chair.  In this role Brittany provides direction and leadership for our ten-member leadership Board, which directs ROOM’s international ministry.  In addition to Brittany’s leadership at ROOM, she is the full-time Church Relations and Overseas Administrator at Carolina Cross Connection.  


Rotary International Logo_San Pedro Sula


“During this week the Rotary Club of San Pedro Sula, Honduras interviewed successful and inspiring women to share their thoughts on personal challenges and successes.  We are using the hashtag #wonderwomen to describe them.”

Brittany Bethel_Wonder Woman_Rotary Club_3.2016

“Brittany Bethel:  Administration and execution of mission trips for youth and adults in Honduras and in the United States

It is important to provide opportunities for people to understand cultures throughout the world in an extraordinary way.

Financing your dreams is always challenging.  You must involve other people to participate in your dreams in a proactive way.

I am constantly learning.  If you learn to listen to others and hear their ideas, you will enrich the person you are.  Learn to talk less and listen more.”


Johanna Doblado_Wonder Woman_Rotary Club_3.2016

“Johanna Doblado, Director of Foster Family Project

I work with abandoned children who need to be placed with foster families or temporary families while they await adoption.

The key to success is having a solid team to start with.  Trying to do everything yourself is not good for you, or for what you are trying to accomplish.

Nothing should be taken for granted.  We should value every moment and circumstance in our life.  God allows things to happen for good, even when we don’t see the “whys” or the purpose immediately.”


Original story credit: Club Rotario, San Pedro Sula.  To read the complete story in Spanish, visit the San Pedro Rotary Club’s Facebook page.

To learn more about Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, the ministry these two world-changers advocate for, and to make a financial donation to support their work, visit our ROOM Website


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