Surrendering Perspective ~ by Kellie Weed

This week’s blog contributor is Kellie Weed. Kellie and her husband, Joey, are ROOM Missionaries serving in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The Weeds have been instrumental in continuing and building ROOM’s orphanage care and orphan prevention programs.  Since joining the mission field six months ago, they have helped re-energize and refocus ROOM’s ministry; however, as Kellie writes in this blog, the energy they have poured out sometimes leaves them in need of being filled.  Kellie’s transparency in sharing her experiences, the frustrating and the meaningful, is a great reminder that our missionaries are real people in need of daily encouragement and spiritual renewal.

I sat down yesterday and wrote out 4 blogs, but deleted them all.

Do I want to share my heart? Do I want to be transparent? Do I want others to see things through my eyes?

Absolutely, yes.

One blog started with “I’m drowning.” Another started with “what do you do when you don’t know what to do.” I could go on and on with what my perspective has been. But that’s just it, it’s been my perspective, not Christ’s.

So I’ll start with the super transparent part.

Yesterday I found out I had lice (Yes, lice. Yes, it’s gross. Yes it’s a reality of loving on children who have it way too often; and, no, it’s not going to lessen the amount of hugs I give).


I was pretty consumed in my own world, a little frustrated that I had lice to begin with and I had little patience, so I decided to go to the “Barbaria.” I could have treated it at home, but selfishly I wanted it gone and now. When I opened the door, worship music was blaring throughout the shop (apparently my barber likes really loud music). In my time of selfishness, God was present. I entered into what I can only explain as one of the strangest divine appointments and time of worship.

For 2 hours, while he treated my hair, we worshiped together. Several times he even stopped and stretched his arms high to praise the King of Kings. It was exactly what my heart needed; a change in perspective. I needed to turn the focus from my problems to God’s plan.

So, with this new perspective, I am going to share some of the awesome ways God has provided just what I’ve needed as I am going through my first season of celebrations as a Honduran missionary, far away from my loved ones.

Growing up in my family, birthdays have always been kind of a big deal. My sister recently celebrated her birthday (I won’t mention what number) and I didn’t realize how much it would impact me to not be there to do our annual birthday-shopping-day. When the day came, the thought of calling her brought tears and sadness. Instead, I choose to message her, because in my own strength that’s all I could do. I didn’t put things together until after, but the day of her birthday, an awesome community of women here had planned a birthday party for another missionary. I spent the afternoon laughing, growing and celebrating with amazing women. The birthday party wasn’t for me, but God knew what I needed that day and I celebrated my sister’s birthday 1,500 miles away from her.


I’m not a fan of greeting card holidays; however, Mother’s Day is special and should be celebrated because without my mom I would not be who I am today. She has spent her years pouring into me, instilling values in me, praying over me and teaching me what the Proverbs 31 woman should look like. I am grateful for her in every way. So how do you celebrate your mother?  You give back to the world what she instilled in you; you serve and you love. We had the opportunity to spend the day at Iglesia Restauracion Familiar, the church in the bordos of San Pedro where ROOM has been partnering with to empower families. (You can read more about ROOM’s efforts in the bordos here We played games with the children, laughed with moms who are too-often burdened with the troubles of living in poverty. We served lunch and watched families fellowship together. It was beautiful.


Last August, airline ticket prices dropped and we chose the day we would finally move to Honduras. With the prices low, it was more cost effective to book a round trip with the return flight to the States lining up with the date that our visas would expire (when we need to leave the country, such as visiting the U.S., before renewing our visas again). I counted days and booked the flights. We’re now at almost 180 days from arriving in Honduras and very soon I get to celebrate 60 years of life with dad. God knew last August that I would need time with family, that my heart would be weary and He planned before I even thought to plan.

I trust God to provide for us financially; to keep us safe and to give us direction in our next steps; but, what I’ve come to realize, is this: The same God who created the Heavens and the Earth is looking at little ol’ me. He cares about the little things. He knows my heart, He knows my fears and He knows my desires. Psalm 139 says “He knows my every thought even before I speak it—that God formed me in my mother’s womb and knows what each of my days hold.” He knew that yesterday I would have lice and freak out, but in my self-consumedness (yes, I know it’s not a word) He had a plan.  Today, I am choosing to focus on all the ways God provides for me in the small. He’s provided healing, He’s provided peace, He’s provided direction and He’s provided strength. No matter what situation you are going through, God sees both the big and small and He cares!


And don’t worry mom, the barber assured me the lice are gone!

To help refresh Joey and Kellie and keep their work through ROOM continuing, consider donating to their family’s support here or mail a check to Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, PO Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027 with “Weed Family” in the memo line.


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