Redefining the Village ~ Kacey Bolin

This week’s ROOM contributor is Kacey Bolin. Outside of being a full-time foster mom to Jesús, Kacey is note-taker, problem-solver, fact-checker, prayer-warrior, time-saver, and life-giver. Kacey’s heart to serve missionaries and empower caregivers allows her to lead by example as she constantly pours out what is poured into her. This most recent blog captures that essence of who she is as she redefines what it means to ‘lean on a village.’ 

It has been nearly two years since my life collided with my little man, Jesús’. Becoming his foster mom opened my eyes to the very real need all mothers, parents, and caretakers have for support. Raising children, advocating for their lives, and stepping into the brokenness of the orphan care world is not meant to be done alone. The saying, “it takes village to raise a child” became a reality for me over these past two years because there  have been days when I truly could not do it on my own. The days I do manage to do everything on my own are typically a result the support and encouragement I receive from days prior. I am able to fulfill this call because I know I am not alone. I know there are people I can call if I need help; I know there are people praying for us, believing in us, and invested in us. I know there are people supporting us in many ways and because of that I can do this.

It is the support of people that spurs me on and empowers me to walk in the call. Being so supported in the call that often seems larger than I can handle has grown a passion in me for supporting others.

I believe in people and their potential to thrive in the place God has called them to. Without the support I have received, neither Jesús nor I would be thriving. We thrive because we have people believing in us, praying for us, investing in us, and loving us in tangible ways. People thrive with that type of love.


Invest. Pray. Believe. Love.


This support is active and engaged. It is committed. It reflects the heart of the Father and brings unity to the body of Christ.


As a ROOM missionary one of the things I am most passionate about is supporting others the way I have been supported. Orphanage Care is a vital element of support for the children we serve. A large number of the children we serve are living in orphanages and raised by staff that need support. The staff at these children’s homes are present day-in and day-out. They are the ones these children look to. They are the ones investing in and shaping these children everyday. We cannot be there everyday, but the caretakers are.  With a community of support they are empowered to serve each child in their care with deeper love and renewed energy. When ROOM goes into children’s homes my heart is to support the caretakers and staff. I want them to know I am there for them, believing in them, invested in them. I want to help ignite the passion they have for the children they serve and tangibly love them however they need.


I am passionate about pouring that support out into others. I love being a part of a ministry that is passionate about this, too. Together, as the people who make up ROOM, we see the importance in supporting one another and the people we serve. This is our call.


Hogar Emanuel is a children’s home that has become so special to me. Through weekly visits we have built relationships with the staff and are seeing caretakers and children thrive. Our visits are full of laughter, play time, and encouragement. We strive to meet practical needs, pray for the caretakers and children, and share the love of Christ through our interactions.


My love for this home has grown deeply over the time we have invested here. Through prayer we are seeing hope renewed and obstacles overcome. By believing in the staff and children, we will see them reach their potential. Through our love the staff and children will encounter the even greater love God has for them. When we know we are supported we can fulfill the call God has given us and be encouraged as we do it.


I understand the need for the kind of support that I am writing about. I have received it.  I am still on the mission field because of it. This is the kind of support we all need in order to fulfill the call God has for us. This is the kind of support the staff and children at Hogar Emanuel and all of ROOM’s partner orphanages and programs need.

In many ways, I am learning to serve out of my very needs. It was not until I was a caretaker that I understood the need for community and support. But in answering one call, He has Divinely inspired within me a heart to rally around the village.

The expression “it takes a village to raise a child” is built on the recipe of investment, prayer, belief, and love. We all need that type of village.

Invest. Pray. Believe. Love.



Join us in supporting Hogar Emanuel and all of ROOM’s partner orphanages and programs by becoming part of our village. 


To find out how you can partner with ROOM and become part of the village that invests, prays, believes, and loves the lives we support through ROOM programs please visit our website Reach Out Orphanage Ministries.




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