She is a Child of God~Wendy Boyle

Today’s blog comes to us from Wendy Boyle, ROOMs Transition Home Director. Wendy and her husband, Todd, along with their four children came to Honduras after founding Abba Padre International. API’s partnership with ROOM has been such a blessed representation of the many membered body that Paul discusses in Scripture. We are so incredibly thankful for Todd and Wendy and their faithful service to the Lord!

Over the past five years, our family has had the opportunity to partner with various organizations and ministries here in Honduras. One of the main aspects we admire most about ROOM is that they’re not just focused on one dynamic of caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Just like our triune God, ROOM is threefold.

ROOM focuses on orphan prevention (family preservation), orphan solutions, and orphanage care.

If we’re being honest, we would all admit that orphanage care is the most well known dynamic of caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Many people have taken trips to volunteer in orphanages and children’s homes. Many people choose to come alongside the staff, and to extend the Father’s love to the children who live in orphanages and children’s homes. And although this is definitely one of the dynamics that ROOM was founded upon, and still continues to do currently, they’ve made room for growth.  The beautiful thing about ROOM is that over the years they’ve grown in their understanding, as well as in their vision.

If you can focus on orphan prevention and family preservation, as well as orphan solutions, the need for orphanage care lessens.

The Bible is clear, children belong in families, and children are a blessing from the Lord. We desire for families to be able to keep the blessings that the Lord has given to them, as long as it’s a safe and viable option for them to do so.

At times children have to be removed from their families for a season for their safety and well-being. Here in Honduras, usually that reason is due to poverty, and/or a lack of resources or knowledge. But when you know better, you rise up and learn to do better.

Such was the case with Amanda.

Amanda’s family lives in the Bordos of San Pedro Sula, which are basically the slums/shack villages of the city.

She was removed from her family (of six siblings) due to severe malnutrition, and prior to it’s closure, she was placed in the public orphanage by the former branch of Honduran child services. While she was there, everyone thought she was two years old. She only weighed 22 pounds, and she was not walking or talking. She was somber and at times angry, quite lethargic, and never cracked a smile while in the public orphanage.

One of ROOM’s missionaries felt strongly that Amanda needed to be brought out of the public orphanage and placed in a transition home family setting for a season until she could either be reintegrated back to her family, or be placed with a long-term foster family.


So, in September of 2014, Amanda was the first child to be placed with our family in ROOM’s Abba Padre Transition Home!


We praise the Lord for prompting ROOM to ask child services to place her in our home! Amanda was so sick, and lacking in nutrients, that besides discussing her dietary needs, our pediatrician also prescribed 14 different vitamins and medicines for Amanda, as well as parasite medicine.


By the time we arrived at our house that evening, she had formed a bond with our third daughter, Hannah. Moments after being in our home, while playing with Hannah, Amanda began to smile! That same evening at bath time she came alive, and began to laugh and splash, and pour water over her head. It was one of the most beautiful experiences our family had had since our arrival to Honduras.


Over the next week and a half we got to see Amanda change before our very eyes. And then we received a phone call from child services letting us know Amanda would be reintegrated back to her family via a ministry called The Mama Project. (Which strives to come alongside single mothers in their own homes, in order to teach them about hygiene, nutrition, finances, and most importantly about the Lord.)
It was a beautiful moment to witness Amanda go back into the arms of her mother. And to know that her mom would now have the tools she needed to begin to grow and thrive as a mother to the children (blessings!) God had entrusted her with.
Over the past year and a half our family has kept in touch with Amanda and her family, and we’ve now watched her celebrate two birthdays. (She recently turned six in June.)
During the most recent visit with Amanda’s family, it became clear that the severe malnutrition she suffered from for years has affected her development. So we ask for your prayers as we REACH OUT to our pediatrician once again on her behalf, in order for her family to receive the help they need to stay together, and for Amanda to begin to walk, talk, and thrive, rather than just simply survive.


Amanda’s story shares all three dynamics of what ROOM is called by the Lord to do. ROOM started with the orphanage care side of the vision, and visited Amanda and the other children (and staff members) while she was at the public orphanage. Then moved into orphan solutions when she came into ROOM’s Abba Padre Transition Home. And now we are focused on orphan prevention as we continue to come alongside Amanda’s mother to help equip and empower her in her calling to the children she has so their family can stay together.


To come alongside ROOMs orphan prevention programs, solution programs, and orphanage care programs and become part of healing stories like Amanda’s please visit our Razoo page or sending a donation to our physical address in the states: ROOM, PO Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.


To learn more about Todd and Wendy and Abba Padre International, check out their blog, Abba Padre International


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