The Leftovers Project

Today, instead of a personal blog post, the ROOM family is excited to share a special opportunity to support the children we love:  The Leftovers Project.  By collecting spare change with your family, friends, Sunday school class, Bible Study group or individually, you have the power to transform the coins that are jingling around in your pockets and cluttering up your nightstand into life-saving support for children struggling with abandonment in developing nations.  Your change will add up quickly; and, when combined with others’ leftover coins, this has the power to CHANGE lives.

In Deuteronomy 24:19 we learn, “When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring a bundle of grain from your field, don’t go back and get it.  Leave it for the foreigners, the orphans and the widows.  Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.”

For many of us, God blesses us so tremendously that our “harvests” provide all our needs for today, allow us to save for tomorrow and even purchase some “wants.”  After all this, we often have plenty left over.

Reach Out Orphanage Ministries is asking you to give these “leftovers” to children living in orphanages in developing nations whose basic needs are unmet.  To participate, please find a tupperware container, canning jar or water bottle and fill it with your leftover change and small bills.  Using a food or water container will remind you that your leftovers will be used to provide urgent, critical needs like healthy food and safe drinking water.

When your container is filled, please count up your change and mail a check for that amount to: Reach Out Orphanage Ministries, PO Box 5882, Concord, NC 28027.  If you would like to drop off your change, please swing by our office at Epworth United Methodist Church in Concord, NC.  ROOM has plenty of Leftover Project stickers and flyers and we’d be happy to mail them to you or email you the templates.  Please give us a call at 704-77-1717, or email to let us know you’re stopping by, or to request stickers and flyers.

ROOM empowers children and communities.  We do this by meeting the basic needs of children living in orphanages.  We do this by serving families at-risk for abandoning their children.  We do this by advocating for best practices in foster care and adoption in developing nations.


For more information about ROOM, or to get more involved with ROOM’s ministry, please visit our website:  

If you have any questions please contact our chief coin-counter (and Executive Director), Amanda at  We look forward to hearing from you!

#ROOMLeftoversProject #CHANGElives #ChangeForAChange


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