Through the Fire~ Joey Weed

This week’s ROOM contributor is Joey Weed. Joey serves as a ROOM Missionary alongside with his wife, Kellie and their son, Connor. Last week the Weed family celebrated one year on the mission field in Honduras. Experiences gained on the mission field can make a year feel much longer, and make veterans out of new missionaries in no time. In this week’s blog, Joey introduces us to one of ROOM’s newest partner homes, ProNiño. We are thankful for all the ways Joey has allowed the Lord to grow him over the past year and we are proud to have Joey serving on our ministry front-lines!
There are so many things that God is teaching me right now. The one that stands out the most, and the one I want to write about right now, is how He answers prayers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt that God wasn’t responding to my prayers-whether it’s because I wasn’t listening or expecting Him to answer- or if because His response wasn’t what I had in mind.
If you follow ROOM on social media, you should be familiar with Proniño. It’s a boy’s home located in El Progresso, about an hour away from San Pedro. It’s a home that I had never visited prior to this past summer, however, others in ROOM were familiar with them through The Children’s Home Project (the covering organization for Crecer, another ROOM partner). I remember the day Cassie (ROOM Honduras Country Director) approached Kellie and I to tell us she felt the Lord leading ROOM to be more involved with this home. At the time, I was overwhelmed by the thought of adding something more to what we were already doing, but I committed to pray about it. The more I prayed and asked God to provide clarity and direction, the more I felt that my prayers were changing. While we were on our visa run in the States, my prayers went from “is this something that you’d have us do” to “Lord, I pray for your blessing on this home. These boys need you in a mighty way. I pray for workers to be sent out into the harvest.” When we came back to Honduras, two weeks later they had a devastating fire… “Why God?! Why would you allow this to happen?” This disaster, preceded by my prayers for this home, kick-started my relationship with the Pronino boys and their caretakers.
I had the chance to visit Pronino just a couple short days after the fire. It was heart-breaking to say the least. Here is a home full of young men that were in need before the fire and now they’re faced with the aftermath of losing their kitchen, classrooms, storage and even some living quarters. But as I’m walking around in the coals of what used to be a structure, I look around to see people everywhere cleaning, comforting, playing with the kids and asking what can be done. Organizations that otherwise could not invest in this home are showing up to see how they can serve. All at once it hit me. “Thank you God for answering our prayers!” It’s definitely not how I imagined or hoped for in the beginning, but everywhere I looked I saw harvesters. People came from out of nowhere to serve and invest in this home. Some buildings were lost, but every child was safe and protected. What the enemy tried to use for harm, God used for His glory.
ROOM has begun visiting with the Pronino kids regularly since the fire, and over the past few months, we’ve already seen construction taking place. New buildings are going up that are nicer and better than before. Food is being donated and new relationships are being formed. Many times we go to God with a heavy heart or desperate need expecting Him to respond in a certain way. Sometimes He does. But many times His ways of answering our prayers are far beyond our comprehension, and come in ways we wouldn’t see unless we were looking and listening for Him.


We are thankful and excited to share that ROOM’s Sugar Project raised $170.00 to purchase food for Pronino! If you would like to DIRECTLY impact ROOM’s partner orphanages, please consider making a donation to our orphanage care program–every donation designated for a specific program goes directly to those programs!

This is what $170.00 worth of food looks like!
To make a donation directly to ROOM’s Orphanage Care program, visit our secure donation page.
To learn more about how Reach Our Orphanage Ministries is empowering children and communities, and for other ways to get involved, please visit our website

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