Giving Thanks~ Traci Cline

This week’s ROOM contributor is Traci Cline. Traci has served with ROOM in multiple capacites throughout our history. Currently, Traci serves a crucial role on ROOM’s board. Her personal experiences in both Honduras and India as well as her family’s intimate connection to adoption have given her wisdom and passion to help direct ROOM’s ministry from a place of leadership. Today’s blog highlights one of the personal experiences that Traci has had that keeps her in touch with the people ROOM serves. She even offers a tangible way for us all to remember that God has given us the ability to serve others.image

Its Thanksgiving week and I am thankful.

I am thankful for family and friends, turkey and 24hr grocery stores… You know; the usual.
But I just came home from a mission trip so I must list the obligatory warm showers, air condition, deodorant, paved roads and runways.

I am Thankful I don’t have to have guard dogs bark all night or roosters crow from 4:00am on. That’s the superficial list.

On a deeper level, I am Thankful for Faviola, Becsi, Eldali, Cherwi, Chever, Edgar, Charly… just to list a few of the kids I have come to love over the past six trips to Honduras.


I am thankful for a woman named Mama Tara who had the vision of taking in children who needed a home all those years ago.

I am thankful for Linda, who God appointed to fill the shoes of Mama Tara when she went home to be with the Lord.

I am thankful for Laura and Alex who had the vision to start a much-needed school for upper grades so that kids in Puerto Lempira can realistically dream about their future.


On a selfish note I am thankful I get to experience all of this.

I am thankful my Sunday school class wanted to “do something” seven years ago. Our “something” at the time was sending money, $100 a month, so that some kids in a remote part of Honduras could have fruits and vegetables weekly.

I am thankful that after a while some of us got the itch to try and visit these kids and put a face to their names.

I am thankful for ROOM who helped make all of that happen.

I am thankful that our whole church has caught the vision.

Since our first trip to Puerto Lempira back in 2011 we have sent 10 teams. Those teams have done construction and repair work, they have held medical clinics for the kids and the community. We have done art projects, sang songs and gone swimming with the kids. We have laughed and cried, taken selfies and family pictures. We’ve become family with Mama Tara’s orphanage.


So, this Thanksgiving, as you sit around the table be Thankful.

Be Thankful for loved ones and family but also be Thankful that all around the world there are children who laugh and cry just like our children.

Be thankful that our God created us all equal and loves us all immensely.

Be thankful that He can use you to make a difference.

Be thankful you don’t have to start with leading a team of 18 to an indigenous people group in a far-off land. It can start something as small as sharing a piece of fruit.

This Thanksgiving sit an apple on your table and remember you can make a difference to a child in need and that is something to truly be thankful for.



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