Cucumbers and Hope~Kyle Murray

Today’s blog contributor is Kyle Murray. Kyle served as a ROOM Missionary in Costa Rica and Honduras with his wife, Cassie and their four children. Since returning from Honduras, Kyle has continued to serve ROOM in many capacities from maintaining records to leading mission and vision teams. Kyle is a person who is most known by his strong leadership, rooted in the way he lives. He does everything with excellence and integrity. We are so thankful for Kyle!

Recently, I have seen something growing in Honduras. It is happening right inside the walls of a little home called Crecer, located in San Pedro Sula.

Usually, in this same location, you can witness games being played, laughing, learning, and love. It isn’t the easy kind of love, though. There isn’t a simple, warm and fuzzy love like the kind you find between a child and a puppy. It is a complex, tough love that takes a lot of patience and a whole lot of faith.

But, something else is growing in that little house tucked away in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:  Cucumbers are sprouting up in tiny gardens!

I remember when seeds were planted around the house by the kids and staff. I am not sure if these kids had ever planted a seed before in their lives, but I can tell you that they were excited about the possibility of something sprouting up.

Finley and Oliver Jack (Kyle’s children) assisted with the garden by planting grass clippings and watering it with Sprite–They need a few more gardening classes.


After the seeds were planted, they started checking everyday to see if anything was growing.

The problem is that nothing happens quickly. It takes water, sunlight, pruning, and work. fraxer

This is why I see so much more than vegetables when I see these sprouts. It is a direct representation of the the work that is going on in Honduras–the work being done in that little house known as Crecer, tucked inside the city known as the Murder Capital of the World. It also represents the work done anywhere by people obeying God by going out and being His hands and feet.

This is what life is when you live by faith. Everything you do is planting a seed and something is going to grow. That is why it is so important to plant the right seeds and let God lead the way.

Even without Crecer, someone or something would be planted into the lives of these kids. In fact, so much of the work done there is trying to uproot the weeds sowed into their lives. These are the lies that they are worthless, unloved, unknown. The lie that men shouldn’t cry or women shouldn’t say no. Pulling out the weeds is crucial because those lies grow quickly and choke out the good seeds.

Something is going to grow. Something is going to determine what the harvest will be.

I dare to say that without Crecer it wouldn’t be love. It wouldn’t have anything to do with growth or thriving. Honduras is a tough a place. Thriving isn’t something you can easily see when you assess the landscape, and in the big picture a few veggies doesn’t really change that view.

That is why this work is so important. It is slow work with long term goals.

It is discipleship with hopes that the ones being discipled are the first of many and that they will plant seeds from the harvest of their lives into many others.

Those cucumbers remind me not to be discouraged when I can’t see what God is doing right under the surface. He is there and He is working.

There is an expression that says, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” We grab hold of this concept at ROOM and strive to empower families and communities to thrive, but I want to go even further. I say we should teach a man to fish so that he can teach other to fish.

Love someone.

Love someone so they can feel love.

Love someone so they can feel love and so they can love someone else.

And most importantly, grow a garden. It will give the kids a fun activity and it will save a bit of money at the market. Every little bit helps.

Fruits of the Harvest (both figurative and literal)

To learn more about how ROOM is empowering children, families and communities please visit:  To make a donation to support this work, please visit:

To learn more about Crecer and ROOM’s partnership with this phenomenal program, check out:  You are Treasured



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